Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Dear Reader, 

I think I last wrote here about two and a half years ago.  Since then, my life has taken some pretty interesting turns.  At the center of it all, I'm pretty much the same person I was back then, maybe just a little more reserved and quiet. 

When I've allowed it, this blog has always been kind of a quiet distraction and even a safe place from the loud things in my life.  I've used it to keep myself centered and amused.

I've decided that I need to pick it up again.  I need to find a center to my life, and since I'm paying for the domain registration fees and all, I might as well use Sinister Coffee for that purpose. 

... And as always, JCW, you're the inspiration to this silly blog in the first place, so if you ever come out of hiding, you need to let me know what you've been up to!

So, I'm not exactly sure where Sinister Coffee is heading.  Give me a chance to figure it out again, dear Reader.  I'm sure there's gonna be stuff about food and books and music and video games.  Hopefully I can keep this up and keep it interesting!