Monday, June 13, 2016

Last week, the Accounting Staff had lunch with our Fearless Leader.  She picked her favorite place to take us in the Airport, and we sat down for an hour+ and hung out, ate some really good food for airport fare, and talked.  Lunch can seem like a really formal affair, but when it's just us, it's pretty laid back.  Fearless Leader takes a genuine interest in us.  I guess it can be a fine line, between boss and employees, but I'd say that our crew is as close as real friends as our working relationship can allow.  That sounds odd, but I hope that idea conveys correctly.  Anyhow, when Fearless Leader asks me what interesting recipes I've tried lately, or if I'd done anything with my blog lately, she really cares about my answers.  I told her that I'd just let Sinister Coffee sit and do nothing for an awful long time, and she just accepted that answer... no judgement.  But this time, I felt a little twinge of guilt.  So, this is an attempt to try and get things going.  I'm going to try and make this work again.  I'm really going to try.

The trouble, or maybe the opportunity I face is that I don't have a good focus on what to write about.  I think of who I was when I started this blog... sooooo many years ago... and I've changed quite a bit.  Some of the changes, I'm pretty comfortable and happy with, and others, I'm a little unsure of or maybe scared about talking about.  Hopefully writing about what I'm happy or comfortable with will help me understand the other stuff, too.

So, while I play around with some ideas, take a moment and check out this song... Be As You Are, by Mike Posner.  This song is wonderful and beautiful and quite likely uncharacteristic of what I usually listen to.  But a good song is a good song...

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